Autism CanTech! Supports

The Autism CanTech Program is a unique program that offers new and innovative supports to help Participants succeed.

Career Coaches: 
Assigned to participants when they enroll, a Career Coach will offer ongoing aid and support to students throughout their time with the program, starting with the Employability Skills Assessment Tool (ESAT).
Some of the ways in which a Career Coach will offer support include:

  • Resume review and interview preparation.

  • Employability skills and understanding your strengths at work

  • Preparing you for your work experience.

  • Monthly one-on-ones with your Career Coach.

  • Daily monitoring and check-ins using RoboCoach, email, or phone calls as required, during the work experience component.

  • Site visit to work experience placement employer-partner.

  • Discussions and follow-up on the employer-partner’s midterm evaluation.

  • Follow-up support if work experience is extended for up to six months.

RoboCoach is assistive technology platform designed by Technology North to overcome employment barriers faced by autistic youth.  It provides consistent communication between the participants work experience supervisor, the participant, their Career Coach, and their Parent or Guardian, and acts as a platform where employers can assign tasks or send messages and assist participants with attention or regulation challenges.
RoboCoach is also a great tool to help team members with Autism know what to do and when to it, reducing ambiguity around tasks and improving outcomes.
ACT! Centre
The ACT! Centre is the main home for the Autism CanTech! (ACT!) Program and the base from which the program is run.
The space offers:

  • Study and work space: with nine desktop computers stations where participants can study, do their homework, work on projects, search for jobs online, or access other learning resources.

  • Meeting space: Equipped for nice participants and their devices, this space can be used to meet with staff, Career Coaches, Employer-partners, or be the site of informal workshops and discussion groups.

  • Chill space: a space designed to be a quiet oasis for any participant or visitor who may be feeling overstimulated or overwhelmed and need to spend some time to gather themselves.

Combined the Autism CanTech! supports work together to ensure that participants will have their specific needs met in an environment which feels inclusive and supportive.
The Career Coaches, Centre Manager, and Administrative Assistants of the ACT! Program are also available in the Centre to provide any assistance or resources they can.

The Centre is also a home for workshops, lunch-and-learn sessions, speaker series, and other exciting events and learning opportunities.


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