The classes and work placements are offered in a variety of delivery methods, dependent upon the cohort applied for. Currently delivery modes include:
  • In-person - Edmonton, AB (next in-person cohort begins March 2022)
  • In person - New Westminster, BC (next in-person cohort begins March 2022)
  • Virtual - Alberta-wide (next virtual cohort begins Nov 1, 2021)
  • Virtual - New Westminster, BC (next virtual cohort begins March 2022)
  • Preparing for work experience is just like preparing for a regular job. Participants will work with their Career Coach to build confidence in their interview skills and  discuss the professional methods for successful interviews. Participants will interview with their potential work experience supervisor to determine their fit for the role,  to highlight their skills, and to gain experience in an interview setting. This learning experience will prepare participants for future interviews in other jobs.    
    The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and confirm that you are  both eligible and a good fit for the Autism CanTech! program. You will have the chance to ask any questions you may have. We will provide any accommodations or supports that will help you feel comfortable and confident in the interview. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it will take place over Microsoft Teams.  You are welcome to have a support person present, however, we will be looking to you as the applicant to answer questions. The interview will take about 1 hour depending on how conversation flows. A 15-minute break will be offered during scheduling. You will be sent an online questionnaire in advance. You will also be given the interview questions in advance to help you feel prepared.
    - Confident using a PC and software programs (e.g., Microsoft suite, G suite, etc.)
    - Access to a suitable computer
    Unfortunately, participants can only be between the ages of 18-30 at the time that you would begin the training program. If you do not qualify, we can provide you with some targeted referrals for other programs that may interest you.
    A high school diploma or equivalent is mandatory for acceptance into this program.  If you do not have a diploma but are able to display sufficient motivation, technological  skill, and literacy skills that our team feels would allow you to succeed in the program, we may be willing to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 
    You can apply for the Autism CanTech! program while in a transitional program, if the transitional program is completed by your Autisim CanTech! cohort start date. Transitional programs are often time limited and age limited (accessible only after high school and only up to a certain age), while the Autisim CanTech! program is available until age 30. We strongly discourage leaving transitional programs to enroll in the Autisim CanTech! Program as we cannot ensure our program will provide the same supports. 
    Participants require a computer but for in class lab training computers will be provided.
    Yes, the work experience is 2 months long and you will receive a $1,668 stipend for each month of work experience completed for a total of $3,336. Our program aims to reduce barriers wherever it can! Participants can still be on provincial supports such as AISH, STADD, or other government supports while in the program. Please be sure to speak with your case worker regarding impacts the paid work experience may have on your government supports. Please reach out to our team for further information and discussions.

    NorQuest College, Alberta & Sask

    Next Program start date:  November 2021
    Program start date: Nov 29, 2021 
    Program end date:  June 30, 2022 
    Tuition and fees: $0 (grant funded) 
    Delivery:  Virtual
    Location: Alberta and Saskatchewan-wide 
    Application deadline: November 15, 2021 

    Upcoming Dates:
    Virtual (Alberta Wide): January 2022
    In-Person (Edmonton Campus): March 2022

    Douglas College, New Westminster Campus, British Columbia 

    Next Program start date: March 2022
    Program start date: March 28, 2022
    Program end date: September 30, 2022  
    Tuition and fees: $0 (grant funded) 
    Delivery: HyFlex Delivery (In- person OR Virtual), 
    Location: Douglas College –New Westminster BC Campus  
    Application deadline February 15, 2022

    Apply early to avoid dissapointment.