Employment for Autistic Professionals 


By working with both Autistic youth and employer-partners, the Autism CanTech! program supports the development of inclusive and accessible workplaces and removes barriers for Autistic professionals to get employed.  Successful applicants will be enrolled in a 6-month program that will prepare them to perform data processing roles for a variety of businesses in the digital economy including those in education, finance, government, artificial intelligence, or health business.  

Supportive Programing for Participants and Employers 


Autism CanTech! combines supportive programming for participants and employers-partners with career coaching and innovative assistive technology called RoboCoach developed by Technology North Corp. In this program, Autistic youth gain entry-level employability and technical skills for the digital economy through coursework, a work experience, and a range of additional supports. Employers gain entry-level employees with unique perspectives, and the supports that they need to enhance accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. 

Participants, employers, and the wider community are further supported by the ACT! Centre, where they have access to workshops, skills development, mentorship programming, peer networks, and larger community connections. 

Autistim Centred Approach 


Autism CanTech! has engaged individuals with lived Autism experience to inform the development of the program so that all elements are designed holding those we serve in mind.  

For additional information, contact us at:
e: contact@autismcantech.ca
Or call us at 1-800-405-9919