The Autism CanTech! Program has robust supports for companies that would like to hire Autistic Professionals.  

Host an Autism CanTech! Work Placement 

Our program works directly with employer-partners to advance inclusion and accessibility in their workplace. Employers gain entry-level employees with unique perspectives, and the supports that they need to enhance accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. 

A key component of the Autism CanTech! program is Work-Integrated Learning or WIL. WIL provides program participants with the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to real world work experiences.  By signing-up to be an employer-partner, organizations will receive supports in the use of the RoboCoach assistive technology, work experience preparation through a 5-hr training program designed specifically for employers, and assistance in creating accessible and inclusive workplaces.  

In this two-month program, participants of the work experience are paid by the Autism CanTech! program and not by the employer-partner. Employer-partners, play an integral role in the career development of participants by providing valuable workplace experience and in turn, employer-partners will gain motivated participants with technical skills, employability skills, and unique perspectives. 

The Autism CanTech! work experience encompasses two months of work (200 hours), typically 5 hours/day. Work experiences are available at various times throughout the year. To learn more about becoming an employer-partner, please fill out the expression of interest form. Or, you can contact the our Employer Engagement Coordinator, Cheryl Wang, at  or 1.833.405.9919.


Employ Autism CanTech! Graduates 

After the two-month work placement, employers can hire Autism CanTech! participants. Companies who hire Autism CanTech! participants will benefit from ACT! Centre programming and Career Coach support provided to the employee for up to 6 months.  
At the ACT! Centre, employers will have the opportunity to access workshops, skills development, mentorship programming, peer networks, and larger community connections. Employers will also have access to support services on how to use assistive technology, inclusive employment practices, and enhancing accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. 

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