The Autism CanTech! Program 

Autism CanTech! Is a federally funded program for  autistic youth between 18 and 30 who are work-ready and passionate about technology. Support is available for companies that host work experience placements. 

For Participants 

Participants will complete a six-month program that includes four-months of coursework and a two-month work experience. Participants will also have the chance to make friends and network with other Autistic youth. The Autism CanTech! program is tailored to participants’ individual needs. We work with participants in small classes to help them learn practical work skills. The program has Career Coaches ready to work with participants one-on-one. It also offers assistive technology, and a curriculum based on portfolio assessments, so participants face as few barriers as possible. Participants who complete the program can find employment in data processing roles in the education, finance, government, software, or healthcare industry. 

For Employer-Partners

Companies who become employer-partners will receive support and access to training to help them navigate and support Autistic professionals during the two-month work placement. Education will be available on what Autism is, how to create an ideal work environment, and program specific details on the workplace support and using RoboCoach technology. 

For Research
The Autism CanTech Project is also a research project that looks to understand the barriers that exist for the Autistic Community to have meaningful employment, as well as to learn about the experiences of the employers and what supports they need to enhance inclusion and accessibility in their workplaces and employment practices. 

Sharing experiences and insights allows ACT! to not only improve our program but also advocate for adequate supports and evidence-backed change. Our research is being conducted using the Disability Social model lens which views the environment individuals are in as that which creates disability, not the individual impairments. Therefore we aim to explore the optimum conditions for employment.

(Please Note the Research aspect of this program is an optional component and has no standing on ACT! participation). 


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